Meet the Maker

Oh, hey there!

There's no team, there's no production line, and there's no one to answer to... What that means is there are no compromises. As a one-man-show, I get to choose the highest quality materials and hardware that I can, and not have those decisions be vetoed based off margins or profitability. This means every single product that I make for you is guaranteed to last a lifetime, and I promise that the second you open up your package, you'll notice that uncompromising quality.

My name is Collin and I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and strive to create beautiful leather products for you and your loved ones.

My background in Graphic and Web Design has made the transition to leathercraft incredibly seamless and enjoyable. I always loved the production aspect of design just as much as the concepting around it, and can recall some of my most fond memories being that of me creating a high-tolerance mockup for a client, or making a pixel-perfect webpage for a friend. Those tolerances and the trained eye for detail translated directly to the products I create, and are visible in every single stitch.

When designing my products, I focus primarily on function over form and the concept of swiss design, which tends to focus more on the minimal aspect of things, with perfect execution leading the charge. Because of that, you'll never have to worry about "fast fashion" taking over and making your lifetime products seem dated. They'll last forever, just as their style will, and they'll age beautifully during the years and years that you carry them.

One thing that is exceptionally important to me is that everything stays hand made in the USA. It's so important to keep trades local when possible, and it allows me to retain that attention to detail that I've spoken about. It also means that you don't have to worry about me ever outsourcing my products to somewhere where the minimum wage is $100 a week.

I hope you enjoy the products I create, and I can't wait to see how they look in 20 years time, and what stories they have to tell.

Alibi Leather Goods