Shipping, materials, sustainability and more.

What warranty do I offer?

Every single product that I sell on my site is covered under the same lifetime warranty. If you have an issue with your product (a seam breaks, a rivet pops, anything at all) please fill out the warranty form and we can chat about getting your product fixed at no charge to yourself. Obviously, if your dog eats your wallet, we might have to figure something else out...

How do returns work?

Because I make every product to order, I'm not currently allowing returns on my products. I'm confident that when you receive the product, you'll be so thrilled with it that the word "return" will be the furthest thing from your mind. If there are extenuating circumstances, you can always reach out to me at hello@alibileather.com to strike up a conversation, and we can surely work something out!

How long will it take to receive my product?

Every product is made to order. When I receive your order, I get to work—I roll out the leather, get to cutting, assembling, hand-stitching, burnishing, beveling, and anything else I may have to do to create your amazing lifetime leather good. Depending on what else is in the pipeline, this may take up to 2 weeks. Shipping should typically take 2-3 days, but we all know how the postal system can be, and if you're in Canada, then customs could play a role as well. That being said, 2-3 weeks total tends to be the ballpark, but it could absolutely be sooner than that.

If you have a special need for an event, such as a wedding coming up in 5 days that you need bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts for, I can typically make that work, but it would be best to reach out to me at hello@alibileather.com to chat.

Where are my products made?

All of my products are made entirely by hand in Cleveland, Ohio. They are made start-to-finish by one person, and because of that I can promise you next-level attention to detail and precision.

What type of leather do I use?

The leather that I use for all of my products is a full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather, sourced in the most sustainable fashion that I can find. This leather is far superior to over 90% of leathers found on the market, as large-scale companies tend to use chrome-tanned leathers which can be harmful to the environment and are created in a much quicker run-and-gun fashion. The leather I use is naturally dyed and tanned and can take well over 30 days to complete the process of tanning until it's ready to arrive at my doorstep for me to turn it into a new bag or wallet for you or a loved one, while the mass-produced chrome-tanned leather only takes about 3 days to complete the process, and that quality difference is extremely apparent (but obviously comes at a cost).

How are my products stitched together?

All of my men's products are hand-stitched, which produces slightly superior durability, as well as a more robust look and feel. As men tend to stick to one item for far longer than they really should, I want to give them a product that will take constant abuse and still last forever.

All of my women's products are stitched with a combination of hand-stitching and machine-stitching to provide an incredible balance of durability and cost-effectiveness, while still being guaranteed to last forever under my lifetime warranty.

Do I take custom orders?

Hell yes! I've even liked a custom order so much that with the permission of the customer, I've offered it as a permanent product in my shop. If you want to chat about a custom order, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at hello@alibileather.com

Why are my products the price that they are?

I have set out from the get-go to be absolutely, fully uncompromising in every way.

The leather I use is vegetable-tanned leather, which is substantially more expensive but lasts significantly longer than chrome-tanned leather. It also wears beautifully and looks better with age—I love that.

The hardware that I use is all solid brass hardware, even then zippers that I use are brass. They feel better, they look better, they age better, but again, they cost more from the source. I want to create and ultimately have you use products that you're excited to use and show off, and sometimes that comes at a cost.

What I do know is that when you receive even one product from me, you'll never look back in regret. Buy once, cry once.